testimonial 1
Since Working at my last hotel, Claridges and my present location, The Ritz, I have continued to use the reliable and professional services of Povinelli Knife Sharpening.

John Williams (MBE)
Executive Chef, The Ritz, London
testimonial 2

We use Povinelli’s for knife sharpening and also a variety of other services including a large range of Victorinox knives.

Nigel Frost
Executive Chef, The Hilton Hotel Metropole

Paul and I go back a long way (Junior School). He has always offered a reliable and personal service for many years. Good luck with the website!

Lawrence Keogh
Head Cook, Roast Restaurant

We have used Povinelli Knife Sharpening services for many years in both our restaurants and shall continue to do so.

Chris and Jeff Galvin
Chef / Owners, Galvin Bistro
& Windows Hilton, Park Lane

For the last twenty years I have required the professional reliable service for on the spot knife sharpening, Povinelli Knife Sharpening have provided me with this.

Henry Brosi
Executive Chef, The Dorchester Hotel
Test 1

After asking Povinelli's for a quote for a new machine, they suggested putting a new body on, hence saving us a considerable amount of money and the job was successfully turned around in four days. Many thanks.!

Andy Barber, Head Chef
The Forge Restaurant, Covent Garden, London
Test 2

I thought my only option was to buy a new mincer head when the threads had worn out. On speaking to Paul he took it upon himself to find somebody to re-thread the head, thus saving me 50% of the cost for a new one. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the mincer and the service he provided.

Mark Brown, Head Chef
Joe Allens Restaurant, Covent Garden, London