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Food labelling :: dissolver labelsPovinelli Products range of "Dissolver Food Labels" is available to purchase securely online via paypal with all major credit and debit cards or with a Paypal account.

If you do not see the food label you are looking for, give our customer support team a call on 07766 831330 or 07836 597630 and we will do our best to source it for you.

Combine colour coding, product detail and dissolve clean labels

Unlike standard labels, Dissolver Labels wash away in seconds when no longer needed, even in cold water. No scrubbing or scraping required and no glue residue left behind, leaving bacteria free containers. You can purchase either a Dissolver kit, which contains 7 label rolls for each day of the week and a stainless steel case or individual label refills.

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Dissolver Food Label Kit Our Dissolver Food Label Kit contains 7 label rolls and a stainless steel case.

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Dissolver Food Label Refills Our dissolver food label refills are vailable in 7 colours for days of the week.

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Discard Label Block Discard Label Block £9.06
Blue Label Tidy Blue Label Tidy £7.74
Bandsaw Blade 81" - 90" Bandsaw Blade 81 £6.48
Omega Food Mincer :: TF32 Omega Food Mincer :: TF32 Contact for Pricing
Shaping Knife Shaping Knife £4.79
Coarse serrated lower blade Coarse serrated lower blade £68.40
Fine serrated blade Fine serrated blade £116.40
Bandsaw Blade 116" - 124" Bandsaw Blade 116 £7.44
Santoku Knife Santoku Knife £32.16
Use By Food Label Use By Food Label £3.54
Flat Blade Flat Blade £79.20
Coarse serrated stainless steel blade assembly Coarse serrated stainless steel blade assembly £410.40
Fimar Kitchen Bandsaw SE1830 Fimar Kitchen Bandsaw SE1830 Contact for Pricing
Coarse Serrated Blade Coarse Serrated Blade £98.40
Kitchen Temperature Record Log Kitchen Temperature Record Log £9.90
Whisk Attachment for Mini Stick Blender Whisk Attachment for Mini Stick Blender £169.20
Paring Knife Paring Knife £15.84
Ink Roller Ink Roller £1.92
Rex Peeler Rex Peeler £2.40
Heavy Duty Aluminium Blini Pan Heavy Duty Aluminium Blini Pan £10.81

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